Conversation about a neighbourhood.

Forget the grunge, grit and workhouses of Toronto’s turn-of-the-century Fashion District and fast forward to today. The area is now a hustling, bustling cacophony of artists, architects, legal beagles, biz-types and tech moguls frequenting the city’s best restaurants, coolest galleries, cafés and shops. Street style chic and urban sophistication from jeans and T’s, to designer high tops to high heel Manolos. The vibe is palpable and energized. It’s a walking, biking, Ride-the-Rocket neighbourhood to just about anywhere you need to be. It’s a juxtaposition of heritage architecture and full- frontal modernism. It’s real, it’s now, it’s downtown and it’s where you’ve got to be.


This vibrant strip of downtown Toronto has the buzz and energy of Manhattan’s Meat Packing District. Heritage factories and warehouses have been transformed into chic offices and hot restaurants, cafés, shops, bars and clubs. Best of all, this vibrant neighbourhood strip is just one block south of Waterworks. To the north, also one block away, is shopping nirvana on Queen West. Here you’ll discover cool independent shops and boutiques selling everything from fashion forward street wear, contemporary and antique furniture and home accessories. Waterworks is destined to become the heart and soul of this awesome neighbourhood.