Where the food experience soars.


Waterworks Food Hall is in a soaring heritage building in one of Toronto’s most exciting urban neighbourhoods. Buoyed by the rise of foodie culture, the popularity of casual dining, and evolution of experiential retail, this is King West’s go-to place for midweek lunch with co-workers, Saturday morning coffee, fresh sustainable produce, and gathering for drinks or dinner with friends.


Much like its predecessor, Waterworks Food Hall offers an abundance of flavours. A place of plenty, it’s all about choice, fine quality, and worldly influences. A destination of deliciousness. An engaging space packed with carefully chosen vendors and creative chefs serving the best of the best. From comfort foods to gourmet fare worthy of any white tablecloth, the Food Hall is the poster child of Toronto’s culinary culture. From food stalls to food boutiques, to stand-alone restaurants with patios, the culinary offerings at the Food Hall are diverse, exciting, and decidedly delectable. Unlike many others, it has doors opening onto one of downtown’s oldest parks, St. Andrews Playground.


Wander for inspiration, take in the rich ambience, and tempt your tastes – then choose from a variety of options from outdoor dining in the central courtyard, perhaps a café, or an elegant restaurant with a patio. If you feel like you want to stretch out in your own space, have a picnic in the park. The Food Hall at Waterworks is the ideal place for a midweek lunch with co-workers, Saturday morning brunch and an exceptional place to enjoy the multicultural tastes of our great city. Come for a bite, but stay for the experience.

The contemporary European food hall is a paradigm that has bred all kinds of North American imitations. This one is different. Instead of copying what’s come before, it’s forging a new path. It combines the best of what works there with what we do better here. The result is something new, multicultural – and definitely Canadian.
Jacob Richler,
Award-Winning Food Writer & Founding Editor
of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants