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Fitness clubs, spas and workout joints are ubiquitous in downtown Toronto. They come and go like a proverbial fireworks show. Only one has stayed the course, improving facilities, services and programs for well over 100 years. This is the YMCA and the latest and greatest YMCA in Toronto is slated for inclusion in the Waterworks building. The McDonald Family Richmond Street YMCA is an impressive 54,000 sq. ft., state-of- the-art facility with a huge indoor pool, track, functional fitness area, gymnasium, conditioning room, fitness studios and more, all fully staffed by caring professionals. There’s specialized programs for all ages with swimming, AquaFit, basketball, CycleFit, group fitness classes, yoga and even summer camps for kids. Since your dad’s days everything about the Y has changed except their vision, that their communities can and will be home to the healthiest children, teens, young adults and families. Amen.




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St. Andrew’s Playground, so named in the early 20th Century, is actually a small city park. Just ask any of the hundreds neighbourhood citizenry who picnic, lounge, sleep, walk their dogs, occasionally throw around a Frisby and yes, even take their kids there. There’s beautiful, fully-foliaged trees, flower gardens, benches, picnic tables and a leash-free dog run. St. Andrew’s today is absolutely, positively a park that will soon have direct access into the spectacular Waterworks Food Hall. Think about it, playground or park but soon a very special community feature for all ages to enjoy.

St. Andrew’s Playground
St. Andrew’s Playground

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